Solar Fusion Technologies



COMMERCIAL solutions


With the ever increasing input costs in businesses it makes sense to try and reduce costs wherever possible.


Installing solar is a simple and effective way to reduce those costs, and the payback period can be as short as 3.5 years. A prudent investment for any business.


We work with any type of business to try and maximise the savings.


We have solutions for farmers where we can help reduce the costs of running pivots and boreholes.


All our systems are installed with powerfull monitoring software which allows one to track the production of the system on a day to day basis.

It also allows us to ensure that the system is always working optimally.

Now is the time to save money and the environment.


Solar Fsusion is able to offer Commercial clients a system with no capital outlay but with immediate savings. Get in contact with us to see if you qualify for the system at no charge on a PPA basis



There are various ways to fund a commercial system.


You can choose to buy or rent the system. Buying would either involve cash or finance with a bank. We can assist with obtaining the bank approval for the system.


You could also choose to only pay buy the solar power that the system produces. This would be at a discounted rate with no capital or maintenence costs.