AGRI solutions

Processing of feed and packing and cooling of produce is a big user of electricty.


Through Eskom's allowing us to offset and bank the excess power we produce in quieter times, we can make a substantial difference to your bill. Saving up to 80% of your usage in some cases.


We have solar pump solutions for both boreholes and surface pumps to move water cost effectively.

All our systems are installed with powerfull monitoring software which allows one to track the production of the system on a day to day basis.

It also allows us to ensure that the system is always working optimally.

Now is the time to save money and the environment.


Solar Fusion is able to offer Commercial clients a system with no capital outlay but with immediate savings. Get in contact with us to see if you qualify for the system at no charge on a PPA basis.


Solar Fusion will also assist with utility bill management.


Sometimes just by moving tariifs a significant saving can be made. We will analyse your account and make recommendations on tariff migrations.


We can also assist with transformer upgrades, downgrades, NMD changes and general Eskom queries.